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Sarah Kass is a seasoned storyteller specializing in long and short form documentaries and non-fiction television. She has crafted award-winning programs that have aired on PBS, Discovery Channel, and The History Channel, and she has been the senior writer on multi-episode series.


Sarah also works with independent filmmakers as a scriptwriter and story consultant. She is currently writing two short films about the incarceration of Japanese-Americans during World War II for the National Park Service, an Independent feature length documentary about legendary psycho-analyst Carl Jung, and a short film about an El Salvadoran farmer who takes on a Canadian mining company to protect his community’s fragile water resources.

She has written extensively on human rights issues including thirty short films for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Her environmental and natural history work includes short profile films about heroic grassroots activists who have won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, and she was a lead writer on the landmark, 7-hour Discovery Channel natural history series North America, which takes viewers on a sweeping journey across the continent.

Sarah also specializes in historical content. She was the senior writer on the 27-hour History Channel series Man Moment Machine, which told stories about the convergence of biography, historical event, and technological innovation. She has written several History Channel specials including USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom about the African slave trade and The Battle of Tripoli about piracy in 19th century Libya, which won a CINE Golden Eagle Award and was nominated for a national Emmy.

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